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WARNING! The “Thuggee Cult” Is Coming. WARNING!

Thuggee Cult

Some of you might remember the TV sci-fi of the 1960’s “Lost In Space” and its characters the Robinsons and Dr. Smith who were marooned on a far away planet in space. One of the characters, Will Robinson, had a constant companion in the form of a robot that could walk (well, sort of) and talk. The family constantly faced a barrage of danger from aliens and a hostile environment of which, thanks to its sophisticated sensors, the robot would get prior warning of and inevitably Will Robinson would be the one to get the first words of caution. The memorable line was: “WARNING! Will Robinson WARNING!”

Folks, the warnings, here and now are that the rise of Islam is becoming an ever increasing threat and the best way to curb this threat is to be educated about its message.

A friend suggested this: “Too many do not understand this radical religion.  The Hutto – El Dareer Debate, October 21, 22, 24 and 25, 1974, Birmingham, Alabama is a debate covering the religion of Islam in an excellent way. It was conducted in a most civil manner. The audio is “clear as a bell”.

Here is the site: Hutto – El Dareer Debate

Listen real careful and heed the warning.



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