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Refuting those who say Jesus will return to reign on Earth

Many who subscribe to the unscriptural position that Jesus is coming back to earth and will reign on the throne of David in Jerusalem will surely be disappointed according to this outline.

The fact is, the Bible is mans only guide to matters concerning the Kingdom of God and it clearly implies the premillennial doctrine is fantasy.



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2 thoughts on “Refuting those who say Jesus will return to reign on Earth

  1. bluemustang5 on said:

    Thanks for posting.

    How I understand the second coming of Jesus – in short:
    1. The saints are taken to heaven to live with Christ for 1000 years.
    2. The earth will be a desolate place with no one alive except Satan, to roam the earth with no one to tempt.
    3. The New Jerusalem will descend from heaven after the 1000 years, and the wicked will rise up in the second resurrection to try and take the city only to die the second death from which there is no resurrection.

    • bluemustang5

      There is only one place in the Bible where ‘a thousand years’ is mentioned and that is Rev.20. The context is symbolic of a long time and refers to
      a non literal period of the faithful verses the unfaithful.
      There in no mention in the text regarding bodily resurrection or reign of saints upon earth or, for that matter, any reign of Christ upon earth.
      Peter says that the “new earth” will come about once this universe as a whole is “burned up” II Peter 3.

      Your understanding is based upon a premillennial doctrine that has been born from the Holiness Movement that came out of the Methodist belief in the late 19th century in Kansas.

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