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I just couldn’t resist

Englandstan is in financial trouble and this is the reason why.

Joe Biden’s Whopper

We all know Joe Biden has a propensity to put his foot in his mouth but it also appears Joe has forgotten the seriousness of Revelation 21:8 that is, all liars will spend eternity in hell. So here is Joe’s whopper last Thursday (Oct.11).


What the mainstream media are not telling you

I make no apologies for this posting. People around the world need to know what the mainstream media don’t want you to know. And before you dismiss this as tripe or call it blogosphere rubbish, check the facts out first and be prepared to be surprised at what you did not know about President Obama.

The Bible contains a pertinent message about those that bring people the truth that they may not want to hear and therefore dismiss with jeer. “Have I therefore become your enemy by telling you the truth?” (Galatians 4:16). I simply want you to be informed as to the truth regarding President Obama. So here is that truth The Noisy Room


New Zealand’s Dangerous Leader For Humanity

New Zealand has a very dangerous  leader at its helm, for humanity, that is. This man’s name is John Key. A rather affable character that aided his appeal to lead the National Party in the mid 2000’s who then went on to become prime Minister in 2008 and thereafter reelected in 2011. Before that his appeal lie in the belief that he was conservative, for he made seemingly all the right moves especially it seems in finance where he had a reputation at Merrill Lynch as a being a ruthless foreign exchange money trader. However, even before election in 2008 he started to reveal his true colours by making a deal with the then extremely liberal and Fabian social engineer Labour Prime Minister Helen Clark aiding the leftists to repeal what is the Section 59 of the Crimes Act and now disaffectionately know as the “anti-smacking bill”. This bill was introduced as a result of a communist led Green Party initiative that Clark was obliged to support due to the two parties having a coalition agreement on supply and confidence. In New Zealand it is now unlawful to smack your child for misbehaving and if you happen to violate this law you will have your children removed by the NZ Police and charged and convicted in the courts. Even your neighbour or someone who witnesses you smacking a child is liable for a prison sentence if they do not report you (reminds you of a certain Reischstag regime, huh?).  It is worth noting that child misbehaviour has now reached cronic proportions ever since because the children know they will not meet any discernible punishment.

But getting back to that rascal Key. He came out recently in fact almost simultaneous with that other leftist rascal over in the USA, you know, Obama, by declaring his support for homosexuals to have the right to marry. This is why he earned the term “Me To” for any suggestion made by someone else he would say, “me to.” However, it is somewhat puzzling when one considers he is proud of his Jewish ancestry. I guess he does not know that the Jews were adherents to the Old Testament which expressly forbids such unnatural behaviour. But that’s not all, folks. Now he has come out in favour of euthanasia – yeah, the so-called good death. Once again expressly forbidden in the Old Testament but hey who cares about that Bible stuff, eh? Once again a little research into the mindset of this dangerous man would reveal he voted in favour of a bill brought before the NZ Parliament in 2003 by an equally dangerous leftist, Peter Brown who called it Death With Dignity. Some dignity to be rushed into hell, I must say.

All in all, New Zealand is fast becoming a dangerous place to live for you do not know when the police will come a knocking because maybe someone takes a grudge against you and will make an unsubstantiated complaint that you smacked you child, or perhaps you are the cause of hatred and bigoted thoughts meaning you will be locked up for hate crimes, for make no mistake this is coming, for already NZ’s sixth largest city Dunedin City Council deems any site opposed to gay marriage is a hate monger site and is blocked but gay sites are not. And now that Key makes head lines by again not only backing euthanasia but saying it is already happening in NZ hospitals which, I might add his claims are much to the absolute denial from hospital clinicians [NZ Herald 24 Aug, 2012].

Now where is the unrest from the general public on these matters? There is none, for this man still enjoys a 50 percent approval rating and looks set to continue in the short term at least because the political opposition is an absolute shambles but even should they get their act together they would be worse for the country, for as the West Coast-Tasman Labour MP Damien O’Connor says his Labour Party is made up of a prominent “gaggle of gays” anyway.

Yeah, I guess you could say we are doomed and being led by the “smiling assassin”, Key and it may be sooner rather than later.

Adding Weight To Obama’s Communist Links

If you had reservations about the claims made about President Obama’s communist links then maybe the Democrat’s slogan for the November 6th Presidential Race will give you pause to think again.

Hack Wilson has unearthed this slogan that is well and truly a Marxist political cry.

Wikipedia: The name Forward carries a special meaning in socialist political terminology. It has been frequently used as a name for socialist, communist and other leftwing newspapers and publications. For example, Vpered (Russian language for ‘Forward’) was the name of the publication that Lenin started after having resigned from the Iskra editorial board in 1905 after a clash with Georgi Plekhanov and the Mensheviks.

Is Obama tied to the Muslim Brotherhood?

President Obama seems to have surrounded himself with Jihadists in the White house. The attached article questions this folly as it may have led to 17 members of SEALS team 6 being ambushed in the helicopter take-down a few weeks back. There definitely needs to be an investigation.

Obama and the Progressives’ true record

This article posted on Trevor Loudon’s excellent site says it all about the Obama led record of recent years. The world will be an ever increasingly dangerous place if this man and his ilk are reelected next year.

Boy Wonder – Jacob Barnett

Jacob Barnett appeared on Glen Beck last night with claims he wants to set out to expand the Theory of Relativity and that the ‘Big Bang’ is a crock of nonsense.

Wikipedia says: Jacob “Jake” Barnett (born 1997) is a purported child prodigy and genius. Diagnosed with mild Asperger syndrome, Barnett showed an early interest in astronomy and mathematics. Barnett is said to have a tested math IQ of 170, the highest that can be tested for in the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children.

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The Timaru Herald, 22 Feb 2011. Page1

The Timaru Herald
22 Feb 2011
Questions have got to be asked as to why the “Flagship” course has been threatened?  Isn’t it funny these problems have arisen since the appointment of the new CEO and Operations manager, new Chairman of the council.  How many more courses are going to be let go like the Journalism course transferred to Dunedin etc before the community stands up and says enough is enough.

Come on, Timaru. Last year we had the Alan Hubbard/SFO debacle(still not resolved). Then we have the putrid stench coming from the Stanford fish factory and now the largest employer in the town is under threat in my opinion due to sheer managerial incompetence.  This has got to be resolved.

The so-called peaceful religion is at it again – barbarians!


Thuggee Cult


I see the “peaceful” religion is at it again.  This time a 19 year old girl forced into an arranged marriage runs away and is caught with the one she really wants to cleave to and both are brutally executed.

WARNING! the video is disturbing to say the least.  Wake up liberals, this is what to expect if you go along with Islamic sharia law.  No wonder Kipling called Islam the “thuggee cult”.


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