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Update to Obama, the man who never was.

WND are reporting that one of President Obama’s photos on his Face Book page is actually a fake and the reasons why are given. This should come as no surprise for Sheriff Apario’s special posse now confirms Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate is definitely fraudulent.

Film maker Joel Gibert commissioned an art expert to analyse the photo and the results can be found here.

Wake up America! The Fundamental Hope and Change that “red diaper baby” Obama promised you last election is happening because you did not do due diligence on this fraud. He is a manufactured man that has been planted by the Communists. Get your heads out of the sand before it completely buries you.


So, Mr President, where is the proper birth certificate?

President Obama could be perpetuating the biggest fraud to hit the USA since President Nixon’s impeachment of the ’70s.

His constant refusal to produce his “long form” birth certificate is fueling the fires of suspicion.  What is this man and his liberal supporters hiding?  A simple release of the document would shut things up in an instant.  However, maybe it is the case that the certificate does not exist going by this statement:

The senior elections clerk for Honolulu in

2008, TimAdams, said in June 2010 he’s willing to testify in court that no long-form,

hospital-generated Barack Obama birth certificate is on file in Hawaii. Adams said,

“There is no birth certificate. It’s like an open

secret. There isn’t one. Everyone in the government there knows this.”

So, Mr President, where is the proper birth certificate?  Not the computer generated one the liberal bias wants us to believe or Bill O’Rielly and Fox News wants to hide behind – no, the real birth certificate, Mr President. Read about it more here


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