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Working from a Common Source

Source: Working from a Common Source

Arctic expedition to study global warming put on hold because of too much ice [photos]

No wonder we are hearing more climate change rubbish

This won’t make the mainstream media because it contradicts their rants and raves about doom and gloom climate change.



Social Darwinism and the First World War

The atheist and evolution’s pinup boy, Charles Darwin is responsible for more death and destruction than one can imagine and still he is idolised today by proponents of this hideous ideology.

Bible Study Link

My friend Brad Price and his blog may help you understand the Bible and to boot he has some great sermons on audio.

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Does God Exist

This video is 8 hours long because it is a debate set over a number of sessions. It is worthy of your time to view this in order that you may know how to prove that God exists.

OIO fob-off-Selling out NZ.Is John Key just thick?

Very thought provoking in its content. I have to agree, John Key, NZ Prime Minister is a very good con artist whom I often call “Flim Flam Man”


The OIO fob off? Selling out NZ? Is John Key just thick?

There’s no doubt that this National government’s ignoring of the issues posed by an increasing flow of multimillionaires from what is now acknowledged to be a predatory and aggressive Communist country, is disadvantaging New Zealanders. Allowing them to outbid our people to own our land, houses and businesses can be argued to be possibly treasonous, given that in a democracy, the first duty of the State is to protect its citizens.

This is not a question of xenophobia. Over the decades, Chinese New Zealanders have long made this country their home, assimilated well, and contributed to its prosperity. Some are themselves now extremely concerned at what seems the almost incredible blindness of this National government to what is happening.

As Spectator columnist and classicist Peter Jones points out, the Roman statesman, Cicero, took the view that the country’s…

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Cool teardrop

I have been researching the classic teardrop trailer and this one caught my eye which I think is cool as.

Understand the Bible Part 2

Be sure to view to further understand the Bible.

Terror camps in the USA

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