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Hate Speech – Huh!

So, you say it is "hate speech", huh!

Against the backdrop of the ninth anniversary of what is commonly called “9/11” in the USA and the on and off again book burning of the Qur’an by Terry Jones, Gainesville, FL Dove World Outreach, much has been said about Mr Jones’ supposed hate speech. Even the editor of the Timaru Herald could not resist putting his two cents worth in by calling such an action as crossing the line “into hate speech” (10/9/2010). I guess the dear editor, like the rest of the western world, is perplexed as to the reason why such an individual would want to take such action even though Jones and the church he ministers to planted signs stating “Islam is of the Devil”. Perplexed because they cannot figure why Jones would be so Islamaphobic, the new buzz word sweeping the religiously ignorant. After all, Islam is a religion of peace according to both the current and the previous USA President’s opinion. Many pseudo-christians concur such as Roman Catholics, Anglicans, and Methodists etc who have made statements or whose rhetoric is laced with similar such thoughts. One only need view some of the pin heads on Fox News such as Bill O’Rielly, Glen Beck, Juan Williams, Bernie Goldberg, Ann Coulter et al issue the standard media release that Islam is a religion of peace and it is only the fundamental fanatics which are the non-peaceful nuts. Now that is supposed to be a conservative news and commentary media outlet which means the other outlets in the USA, UK, Europe, dear old aunty Television New Zealand and TV 3 are just unread liberal twits when they gush all over at what Rudyard Kipling called the “thuggee cult”. Oh, and just before you rip me to shreds regarding some terms and claims made here, let me point out that “pinhead” is a term frequently used by Bill O’Rielly, the most famous of Fox News commentators when pointing out someone who does not conform to standards set by him and Fox News owner the pseudo-christian Rupert Murdoch. I also realise that both the media and politicians are walking a nervous diplomatic tight rope not wanting to inflame the nuts that run the Islamic fanatics bent on jihad and fatwa’s but come on, give us a break, when you know something is wrong then at least have the fortitude and conviction to stand up and say so. I will give Terry Jones this; he at least is willing to speak his convictions. He may be wrong, Bible wise, [for the holy rollers i.e. Pentecostals of which he claims allegiance to dream of the day when Jesus will set up his kingdom on earth and sit ruling on a throne in modern day Jerusalem despite the fact that the kingdom is already here on earth as the church of Christ and He will come again in the clouds and not step foot on earth but destroy it with fire cf Colossians 1:13-18; I Thessalonians 4:16-17; II Peter 3:10-11], but he is no coward.

Now, let me be clear here, I believe Jones is misguided for even suggesting such an action as book burning but I can understand his frustration when he sees and hears many in the USA espousing a weak kneed approach to the ever growing Islamic invasion and its accompanying severely oppressive sharia law. Simply put, Islam is nothing more than a man made religion no older that 600 AD. Just like many cults that have found their way into acceptability it was as a result of the imaginations of a madman. It should have gone no further than the musings of one man except thugs and bullies could see an opportunity to seize power and corruption and when you map the course of this horrifically oppressive religion then one can see what I mean. The leaders of this scourge rule by fear and intimidation which is exactly what the Qur’an demands.

Mohammad was a man who could not read or write yet invented Islam and the Qur’an claiming supernatural inspiration as the source. His followers wrote down what he had memorized yet he himself was unsure whether it was from God or a jinn; that is, an evil spirit, hence the reason I say he was a madman.

Sir Norman Anderson, Cambridge, and University of Cairo, who is considered to be a renowned authority on Islamic studies, said, “Muhammad suffered in early life from fits…was prone to dreams… cruel and vindictive to his enemies: he would stoop to assassination; and he was undeniably sensual.”

May I suggest this behaviour is thus borne out in his speeches and epitomised in the following: Sura 4:93 “Slay them wherever you find them” and Sura 5:55 “O, true believers, take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends. They cannot be trusted. They are defiled – filth.” Yes, you read it right; this is the supposed peaceful Islamic creed.

Now that doesn’t sound like a religion of “peace” the term that is currently all the vogue in the liberal led media and among politicians who want us to believe it is.  Instead of calling the likes of Terry Jones a monger of hate speech, perhaps if they were to undertake a proper reading of the Qur’an it would reveal who the real hate mongers are. Compared with the New Testament and its message of love thy neighbour as you would yourself (Matthew 22:39) or love your enemies leaving vengeance for wrong doing to God (Romans 12:16-21), the Qur’an reads just as Terry Jones says, “of the Devil” with hundreds of passages inciting followers to rule and subjugate by the sword rather than by love. I reason that is why the sectarian forces of Islam such as the Sunnis, Taliban, and Al-Qaeda etc think the way they do because they take the Qur’an literally and follow their spiritual leader, Mohamed in all that he says to do. The rest of Islam can be likened to those who follow only because they fear for their lives if they do not at least mouth it. Certainly that is the case in hard line countries such as Iran and Afghanistan. The true meaning of Islam is “submission” for if you submit you will have peace otherwise you will be sure to face sharia and possibly death. Here is a sombre note directed at the liberal element in western society that feel we should not fear Islam, you ought to think again, especially if your liberal ways involve say homosexuality, adultery, drinking etc – your life will be taken from you under the oppressive sharia law.

Hate speech is such an emotive term that is often misapplied, usually by those who are offended by their opponents’ position to their way of life, whether it be political or moral. Such people have little regard for reason, for such opposition is rarely researched or studied in an objective sense. Personal opinion overrides sound hermeneutic reasoning. An example of this can be found regarding the Bible’s opposition to homosexuality. Those claiming such opposition is blatant hate speech when used by committed by Bible believers will often rush to print off Romans 1:26-27 or I Corinthians 6:9 that condemns homosexual behaviour as unnatural and a preventer of eternal life in heaven and then announce in the loudest possible terms that the author of such is an unloving, homophobic chauvinist and if anyone, today, including yours truly, dare use such to condemn homosexuality that person is equally full of hate speech. It does not rationally occur to such people that their ranting also implies God as being a hate speech proponent as well because the author of these two letters to the church of Christ in the first century was inspired by God the Holy Spirit (II Peter 1:21) [and yeah, I know, this title of entity grates on the nerve of the cultists such as JW’s but I care not for your perversion] in order that men may “believe in [Jesus] through their word” (John 17:20). And yes, some of those people supposedly want God to save them – ha! The non-believer at least have the excuse of ignorance [not that ignorance is going to save them in the end according to Acts 17:30-31; II Thessalonians 1:7-9] but those who claim the Bible is their way of life and godliness are nothing but pseudo-christians for in their stupidity, for they have zeal for God but not in accordance with true Bible knowledge (Romans 10:2).

The bottom line is this: those that stand up and announce Islam to be a false religion because it is based on the whims of a man and not on the logically, provable God of the Bible are not hate speech harbingers but are merely telling it as this God wants it exposed as (cf Ephesians 5:11).

Now, perhaps the atheistic, pseudo-christian denomination, agnostic et al run media and pseudo-christian politicians will understand that Islam is of the Devil after all – but, then again, I am not going to bank my money on that one.



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