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God does so exist!

The moral argument proves the existence of God

  1. If God does not exist, then objective moral values do not exist.
  2. Objective moral values do exist

Therefore: God exists.

The moral argument is a stumbling block for the atheist/agnostic and as a result is either avoided or butchered by such.

God exists and has not only given objective morals but has spoken through men via the Bible (cf 2 Peter 1:21). God has declared that all men (generic) must repent or perish (cf Luke 13:3, 5; Acts 17:30).

If you are serious about wanting to go to heaven then go to the only church according to the Bible

You cannot go to heaven except you follow the way, the truth, the life according to Jesus Christ (cf John 14:6).

In other words, get off your backside or your hobby horse religion before it is too late, for it is a terrible thing to face the judgement that awaits you if you have not fallen into line with God’s plan of salvation (cf John 12:48; Hebrews 9:27; Hebrews 10:31).



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