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O’Reilly is soft on ‘No Spin Zone’

Last night, Bill O’Reilly fished for a spokesman to counter Wafa Sultan’s statements about the anti-humanitairan postiton of Sharia Law and he came up with Harris Zafar.

To O’Reilly’s credit he presented Mr Zafar with damning quotes from the Quran and Hadith that incontrovertibly backed Ms. Sultan’s position and got him to explain them away. Unfortunately, O’Reilly did not live up to his show being a ‘No Spin Zone’ because the Islamist waffled on without a shred of proof, just as I predicted in my last post.

Come on O’Reilly, get in the ‘Zone’ ’cause you have gone soft on the ‘No Spin’!



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One thought on “O’Reilly is soft on ‘No Spin Zone’

  1. What did you want him to do, attack a man on his religion? That would be ignorant. All religions have elements that dey reason and common sense. Circumcision, sacrificing a son in place of someone else… Until people begin to realize that no religion in anyway is based on fact or has any more “truth” than another the wars will continue. The muslims aren;t doing anything the christians didn’t do. Remember the crusades and the inquisitions???

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