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Darwin’s arrogance

The following is taken from Creation Ministries International which, if you are interested in the truth regarding your origin, you might find interesting.

Darwin’s contemporaries could see the utter flimsy falsity of his argument present in Origen of the Species

One such man Prof. Johann H. Blasius of Germany wrote:

“I have also seldom read a scientific book which makes such wide-ranging conclusions with so few facts supporting them. … Darwin wants to show that Arten[types, kinds, species] come from other Arten. I regard this as somewhat of a highhanded hypothesis, because he argues using unproven possibilities, without even naming a single example of the origin of a particular species.” [An interview/discussion with Professor Johann Blasius, 1859; reprinted in the German newspaper Braunschweiger Zeitung, on the 250th anniversary of the museum’s opening, 2004.]

Often those who declare the evidence to be ‘overwhelming’ or that ‘the debate is over’ say this to avoid debate.



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