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Is information the key to life as we know it?

Information is defined as facts, enlightenment, telling, knowledge, news etc and is obviously only discernible by that which is intelligent. Yet information is something evolutionists expect man to believe came about by chance and furthermore assembled itself into the DNA code that is the building blocks of life.
However, DNA is far too complex to have simply been assembled randomly and yet that is not the only complexity of the subject. You see DNA is merely the coded information but not the information itself. For DNA is material ie sugar, phosphate and bases that is the carrier of the information.

This information is, on the other hand, metaphysical and can only be observed intelligently.
To illustrate: Take the chalkboard above which says 1+1=2. The chalk is the material that lets you (intellect) observe the information imparted. But the chalk itself is not the provider of the actual information for that requires intelligence.
To read an excellent article regarding this exciting subject go to Calvin Smith’s article.



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