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Is the end nigh for the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency?

Many are concerned that moves are afoot to collapse the world’s economy late 2012 in order to bring in a new global currency. The Reserve Bank of New Zealand have issued a paper inviting submissions that will accommodate this desire. It will be similar for other countries’ reserve banks, I am sure.
Here is the prediction that some are making and with the way the world’s economies are faltering even as I write this that means I am inclined to believe it. The prediction is that on October 19, 2012 there will be a world wide stock-market collapse that will be so severe that banks will be forced to close which, in turn, will induce a cash crisis. Cash will be worthless. To the supposed rescue will come forth the United Nations which will offer the solution of a Global Currency. If you think George Soros is going to get even more wealthy, you are right on. For more information, take it or leave it, go to December 21st the prediction



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