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Twists and Turns to the Boston Bombings

Cliff Kincaid has two very interesting articles regarding the Boston Bombings. The first is about the curious Russian intelligence involvement. May be the Rusky cold-war operatives which includes ex KGB chief Vladimir Putin are still up to their old tricks.

The second questions the mysterious disappearance of the Saudi sent back home, you know, the one who was arrested, set free, wound up in hospital, was visited by Michelle Obama then got a free ride out of the country. Oh, and Homeland Security boss super sleuth Napolitano denies all knowledge.


You Act So Surprised

The USA is acting so surprised that a couple of Muslims could be so successful in bombing the streets of one of their major cities last Monday yet there have been ample warnings such would take place as the Muslim Brotherhood have vowed to do so.

The video Lou Dobbs (Fox Business) fronts with guest Steve Emerson is quite prophetic considering the events of April 15. Emerson’s documentary must now go viral if the USA is to make any ground in this insidious war of terror. Make no mistake, Obama and his policies are sheltering this human filth.

Open your eyes USA, you’ve been infiltrated by Jihadists who think nothing of being bare faced liars for the cause of Allah (see segment of Iman leading prayer with dopey Biden head bowed). Get a grip because they have tasted your blood and will act again like rabid dogs that they are.

Some updated links I urge you to take the time to view:
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