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Climate change clowns: heads we win; tails you lose – ha, ha

Here is what the clowns at IPCC said in 2007: “More warm and fewer cold nights…fewer frost days…fewer cold outbreaks; fewer, shorter, less intense cold spells/cold extremes in winter”.

It is a case of “heads I win; tails you lose”.  The absolute stupidity put out by the likes of England’s Guardian reporter George Monbiot who expects us to first believe the earth is heating up and thus expect warmer temperatures all year round even to the point whereby children in usually snowbound countries will only see snow in some form of virtual computer program. However, because in the past few years the climate has thrown a curve ball with record cold temperatures and snow and ice not seen in certain locales for 50 odd years goof balls like Monbiot still expect us to believe it is due to the climate increasing in temperature – go figure!



Oooh, stop that nasty dihydrogen monoxide before it’s too late

I see the bright minds have concluded at Cancun and some left feeling they will make a difference by signing a petition to end the use of that nasty dihydrogen monoxide.  I say “bright” with an obvious tongue in cheek for if you read Robert Cook’s article how they have been duped by one of the classic scams you will see what a pack of dunces we have allowed to run rampant in the scientific/political world.


What the stupid enviros are now responsible for

Here is what those stupid enviros are now going to be indirectly responsible for in England. Visit site

Remember, these are like their buddy Phil Jones who want to HIDE THE DECLINE

Guess who is

toasting their pasty, righteous, caterwauling epidermi on the golden hot sands of Cancun, Mexico, flopped out amid the bikinis and barbeques while they attempt to spell out a future of rationing and want for all the rest of us. Flown there on taxpayer or foundation money, meeting up with all their buddies from the bust that was Copenhagen, the grim, grey priesthood of “sustainable” living are convening in one of the great sybaritic strips of the entire Western world. The monks are in the cathouse.

Yeah, these are the same clowns who say Europe’s latest freeze bomb is as a result of man’s pollution of the atmosphere.

Read more here

Loony Enviro Media

Obviously the clowns meeting at Cancun did not take seriously Phil Jones’ message to “HIDE THE DECLINE” in global temperatures.  See the latest garbage the loony enviro media is spewing out.

It’s One Year Since Jones and Co Tried To “Hide The Decline”

Oh, how time flies and I would not be surprised if our dirty little fraudsters Phil Jones and co wished that it would also heal the gaping wound caused by those hackers who gleefully published those infamous words like “hide the decline” in world temperatures or “We can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment”.

Of course they and their loony eco-friendly zealots want us to dismiss these damning words as simply a series of mistakes, a slip of the tongue so to speak.  But come on, do you really expect us to believe that from a bunch of scientific misfits who were trying to scam us?  It almost sounds like they believe the rest of us in the world are just a pack of simpletons.  And to add insult to injury cry baby Phil wants our sympathy citing he was on suicide watch due to the resulting embarrassment and continued digging by those nasty sceptics and warming deniers.

Look, any credibility from this motley crew of fraudsters should be tempered with the words – yeah, right!   Just remember, Jones and co tried to do what?  “HIDE THE DECLINE” They must never be allowed to ever forget that they tried to dupe you.

I found the following interesting, you might too.

James Delingpole wrote that, “AGW theory is toast. So’s Dr. Rajendra Pachauri. So’s the Stern Review. So’s the credibility of the IPCC. But if you think I’m cheered by this you’re very much mistaken. I’m trying to write a Climategate book but the way things are going by the time I’m finished there won’t be anything left to say: the battle will already have been won and the only people left who still believe in Man Made Global Warming will be the eco-loon equivalents of those wartime Japanese soldiers left abandoned and forgotten on remote Pacific atolls.”


The day “global warming” ended

Alan Caruba

November 20, 2009 is an important date because it was the day that “global warming” ended. It was the day that a total fabrication, a hoax, was revealed to be the work of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), aided and abetted by a vast network of governmental and business leaders, a compliant media, and scientists who sold their souls for grants and other funding.

Read what Alan says here

Here is blogger that has hit the proverbial nail on the head: The current state of AGW science

Climate science and political connivance

More and more scientists are finally realizing they are wrong when it comes to the so-called man-made global warming theory (AGW).  They are jumping ship at an astonishing rate as they wakeup to the rort they have been sleeping through.

Here is an excerpt;

hundreds of billion dollars that have been wasted with the attempt of imposing a theory that is not supported by the physical world evidences, the “warmist” thrust is harming science in quite dangerous ways. First, it is pushing science aside from the perspective of providing a reasoned and relatively well informed assessment of the climate dynamics that may provide an useful guidance for long-term strategies and public policies – absolutely necessary due to the climate’s enormous importance in the human affairs. Second, it is distorting the public perception of science in such a way that the non-partisan climate scientists will likely have a hard time trying to regain the public trust after the seemingly unavoidable wear and tear of the alarmist outlook.

History offers a gloomy precedent of such poisoning of science by ideology and special interests: the infamous Lysenko affair in the former Soviet Union, the ruthless opposition to genetics headed by Trofim D. Lysenko and his cohorts between the 1930s and 1960s. In addition to the physical elimination of stubborn scientists who resisted the “consensual official line” (the “skeptics” of the time), the price of such an irrationality pandemics was enormous, costing the Soviet biological and agricultural sciences a half a century hold-up whose consequences are felt still today.

The AGW scare and its political agenda of restricting the use of fossil fuels are serious candidates to the condition of post-modern equivalents of “Lysenkoism.”

In 1931 Albert Einstein had his critics regarding his theory of relativity who were sponsored by the Nazi Party.  The “100 authors against Einstein” were hit back by the venerable scientist when he said, “If I were wrong, then one would be enough”.

Read GERALDO LUÍS LINO and see the correlation political connivance is having upon the world’s climate scientists.

Graham Walker


Those Naughty Climate Change Scientists

Those naughty scientists, don’t they have a conscience?  It appears not from what these charts disclose.

Hide the decline otherwise the gullible public will wise up, don’t you know.


Snow comes early to England

Snow comes early to the UK.

Ooooooh, like, what must be the cause, man?

Al Gore will know the answer, like, man, don’t you know it must be global warming, duh!

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